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You need to perform a piece of music for a pageant, college audition, play, or any other stage performance. Maybe you're a singer, dancer, or an instrumentalist. You know what song you want to perform, but it needs to be 90 seconds at the most, and it needs to be missing the part you intend to sing or play. Maybe you've found a karaoke version that works, but it's in the wrong key or tempo for you, and the recording is way too long. Or maybe you want to re-create the song in a completely different style, or a "hybrid" of several different versions. Or maybe you don't have a recording at all, just sheet music, and you need a simple piano accompaniment track.

I can help you with any of the scenarios described above! 

I can create a "chopped" version of a recording you like, or I can re-create it for you to perfectly fit the required time limitations.

If you're a singer I can re-create your favorite recording, but without the lead vocal. If you need it transposed to another key to fit your range, no problem. Speed it up?
Slow it down? Whatever you need!

If you're an instrumentalist I can create the track with all the parts except the part you want to play. When you perform it you'll feel like part of the band. Or orchestra, trio, or whatever musical backdrop you want!

Some of my favorite projects of this type involve creating cover versions of your chosen song - Once we've established the correct key for you, we'll rearrange it. Change the form, update the style, spice up the instrumentation. I'll personally work with you to make it exactly what you like!

I also love creating accompaniment tracks from scratch using nothing more than sheet music and a concept of the finished product. Again, I can create anything from a simple piano accompaniment track to a fully arranged, orchestral style production. You tell me what you need, and I'll deliver it! 

Any song, any style, any tempo, and in any key. 

Make it your own. Then go out and perform it with the comfort and confidence that you can only get from a custom track. And for a price that's less than you expected. That's the advantage I offer!

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