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News Theme
Here is a snippet of a news theme I produced for a local TV station.
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Please be aware that these pieces are copywritten and are not available
for other use. They are posted here as a partial demonstration of variety.
Of course, you can always request a piece that resembles one of them!
A few sample sound clips
Good Morning
A bright and upbeat piece in a fairly neutral style
Funky Shoes
A medium tempo piece in a jazz/funk style
A very electronic sounding piece with a fair amount of urgency
Blizzard Warning
You can almost feel the chill in the air listening to this one!
September Drive
A medium tempo, "smooth jazz" style. Good for scenic video
Not Quite Favorite
A jazzy piece meant to resemble a very familiar tune, but with enough variation to avoid copyright infringement
Shootin' Hoops
Again, sounds familiar, but with enough variation to be unique
Jamaica Mon
Carribean styled, medium tempo, feel-good piece
A tense, medium sci-fi type piece
Sahara Trek
A medium tempo piece with a distinct Middle Eastern feel